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I Have Been There

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

A lot of the work that I've taken on has been from experience. I have been in a low-income household raising a child. We needed just the simple things of life, like security in knowing that we had basic needs. I don't do this work with a helicopter view as I have been where these women are when they come through the doors to get supplies from Erie County Alliance for Period Supplies.

I have rolled up paper towels and toilet paper in the bathroom of my job to make it through the day.

I have been unable to ensure adequate period need supplies for myself and watched other women go through the same struggles. This opportunity is a way to raise awareness while helping to address the need by helping women not have to deal with the experiences that I have journeyed through.

Please learn more about Erie County Alliance for Period Supplies on our website or by visiting our organization on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on Instagram at

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