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Basic Needs Aren't Basic

It is easy to look at basic needs as something that affects others when we don't consider that at any point life can change for any of us. Raising a son in a low-income, single parent household has shown me that the tables can turn with little warning. Removing yourself from the equation by not thinking that it can be you or someone close to you is irresponsible to say the least.

One in four women need period supplies and don't have the means to acquire them. This can lead to missed work and undue stress. However, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. There are women who have survived and been freed from domestic violence situations or have become victors over human trafficking and there are women who face homelessness and work to release themselves from poverty.

Erie County Alliance for Period Supplies is working to change the narrative to one of hope by addressing the need of period poverty by supplying women with these very basic needs of pads and liners as well as raising awareness as to the effects on the families.

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